Memorial Day (Random Rant)

Before I begin, I feel it is my duty to forewarn my readers that this post has absolutely no relevance to Memorial Day, although I do appreciate all that it stands for and those who sacrifice to serve. However, while everyone else is doing BBQs by the lake, I have some very random thoughts and updates about everything going on in my life right now. Today, I think I was a little below my ideal level of productive, but I have worked all weekend and will be working the next couple of days as well, so maybe I deserve some time to relax. Right now, my mom and sister are both at work so I have the evening to myself. Rehan and I just talked about some wedding planning and I just updated my blog a little but am still feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the thoughts running rampant in my mind…so, here goes.

I feel that I have a lot of self-development I want to focus on, both inner and outward, as well as wedding planning, working, and traveling coming up in the near future. My mom and sister don’t seem entirely able and thrilled for Hawaii, so we have decided do a family staycation to explore GA in August instead. That is also the month Rehan is coming here for his birthday, and there is a lot I want to plan for that. I got accepted to volunteer at the medical program in Tanzania, Africa, which I will be attending solo in September. It seems that my Bachelorette will be in October, and the dates are confirmed but I don’t know if it will be in Mexico. November will be one of the busiest months this year, and that is saying a lot! At the beginning of the month I will go to a family wedding at Rehan’s place, where we will also do all of the last minute booking and planning for our wedding. At the end of the month we will go to have our civil ceremony and engagement photo shoot, both on the beach. All of these will have a lot of costs, but at least Rehan will be coming back here in December for my birthday so I won’t be having to travel that month.

When the new year starts, my priority will be to be like Rihanna and work work work work work so I can quit my job at the start of next march before myFaReWedding on the weekend of March 18. The good thing is that I will also be planning my hair, makeup, and outfits as well as being surrounded by my loved ones, and I will also be looking forward to our honeymoon to…I think a cruise in Austrailia and perhaps Fiji or Bali. I hope that for our one year anniversary we can go to Spain and Morocco, or at least Hawaii or Argentina, because I would love to cross off any of those from my bucket list before starting a family.

Speaking of which, I will really need to learn to cook at some point because that will be one of the main responsibilities I will be expected to have when I get married. I am excited to make Rehan’s family my own, and it’s good that they’ll be there for our future children. I know I am thinking a lot and planning way too ahead in advance and in a normal state I would not dare to make this post available to the public eye, but they’re just rough ideas of concerns I have about all that is coming up in the future because this is a random rant and all of this is what that entails.

For now, I am just trying to take care of myself in each moment, be there for my mom and sister as much as I can, and possibly save up a lot of money…although I don’t know how that can happen if I keep going out with my friends instead of signing up for extra shifts at work- perhaps I need to try harder to remind myself how expensive weddings can be! Anyways, this post is getting way too long and I doubt anyone who knows me in real life will ever read it anyways. In the end, I am God’s free spirit and I’d rather have a crazy full life than a boring and simple, plain and dull, life with no purpose or passion at all. FayFay signing out, XoXo.

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