Dallas 2016, Part 1: Home

MAY 5-Thursday

My aunt just dropped off me, my mom, and my younger sister to the airport…3 hours early. You’d think that with 3+ hours at the airport, one would get bored of waiting. But it’s actually the opposite for me and I love it. With as crazy, hectic, chaotic and busy as a job I have, the days I’m off is the only time I’m able to take time for myself and the word “bored” continues to remain non-existent in my vocabulary. I have the whole world in my brain and the universe in my soul, and plenty of people around to keep me entertained otherwise (there’s even a cute baby right across from me and I very creepily am unable to stop staring). Nevertheless, I will not hide the addiction to my phone and that is why I am able to write this to capture a few reflections during my airport wait. I am so beyond excited to visit my dad’s side of the family, my aunt and uncle who are like my second parents, at a place where my entire family feels so at home. I don’t know everything this vacation will entail, but I sure can’t wait to see and keep you updated!

*Time for update #1 already: Just arrived in Dallas and already entertained by one of my mother’s…interesting, to say the least, friends from 1984 who she hasn’t seen in over 30 years. We were picked up by my aunt and uncle who greeted warmly with an embrace and the necessities- chai for my mom and hot Cheetos for myself and my sister. The weather is beautiful and life is easy right now. 

MAY 6-Friday
Coming to my uncle and aunt’s house in Dallas is not the kind of vacation where I like to be out and about all the time exploring the city and it’s many wonders. It is the kind of vacation where you actually do what vacations were meant for- take a break from reality. For me, today, that meant making a spa day for myself, spending time with my family, relaxing at home while eating good food and watching movies, and catching up on some much needed reflection and meditation. It may not sound like much, but it is what I came here to do. My mom and I sure I feeling relaxed, but hopefully we can get my sister to make the most out of this time away from reality as well. No matter what is going on in the crazy world around me, I am forever grateful for all that I have in this beautiful life, and the faith and love that surrounds me always. 

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