There is no doubt that the rapidly spreading news about the bombings and shootings in Paris is incredibly heartbreaking. But what breaks my heart even more are the people around the world who are still alive and heartlessly posting some of the most ignorant comments I have ever come across on social media. Some are upset that people are posting about Paris, but not about all the other problems around the world. Others are unjustifiably blaming the entirety of the Islamic religion, to which Muslims are replying back equally as hateful comments, thinking that somehow must be improving the image of Islam. Still others are angry that media is distracting us from everything else going on in the world and actually suggesting that certain countries and races should NOT support Paris because the Parisian government has never shown support to their country…& it is for comments precisely as such that my mind never ceases to be blown away by the idiocies of our generation.
Why is this not common sense? Yes, we should be praying for Paris, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be praying for other countries, too. The opposite holds true as well; just because there is violence in other countries, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pray for Paris, too. As for blaming the government for brainwashing and all this talk of revenge and taking sides on social media, I am simply appalled and left with no response worthy of such ignorance and hatred. It should be natural and obvious that every life matters and innocent lives being lost is not okay, no matter what race, religion, or part of the world the victims are from! We are all part of the same race- the human race- with the same soul of the same Divine Being. To turn against one another instead of standing together and working to help and support all those who have been caught in the middle of violent acts around the world, only creates more problems for ourselves and literally serves no purpose other than to push humanity as a whole further away from the ultimate goal. My heart goes out to every human life affected by extremist beliefs or government actions, and I pray for the families and loved ones of innocent lives lost, as well as for open-mindedness and peace amongst those who are alive, today and everyday. 
Paris attacks: ‘Three teams’ involved – prosecutor Molins


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