I often hear others speak of how they are bored with their lives, and how they’ve done the same thing for years and are desperate to try something new. Fortunately, I have never been doing the same thing for long enough to be able to experience this. 

The reason I am writing today is because I haven’t felt as…strange, for lack of a better term, as I do now in a long time. In just the past two weeks, I’ve started attending a different place of prayer for the first time and realized how many new people there are just around here, I’m going to a new dance fitness studio taking classes with new people, I’m at a new career and new job with new coworkers, I’m newly appointed as marketing administrator for the Aga Khan Health Board, and I’ve been actively attempting new activities like summer camp and attending weddings, not to mention that one of my very closest and best friends in the whole world just got married and moved away. Even though I am still me and living in the same place, my life feels different and changed and new, and sometimes, that can seem scary. 

You know that part in “Tangled” when Rapunzel finally achieves her lifelong dream of seeing the floating lanterns and immediately thereafter feels sad because she is scared about what will happen next? Flynn Rider reminds her that that’s the beauty and excitement of it all– because now she gets to choose new dreams! Similarly, now that I am finally a nurse and don’t have to spend every waking moment stuDYING, I feel like my life has really begun again; As I mentioned in my previous post, I have goals I am continually striving towards within each aspect of my life, but I really have no idea where life will take me next. Change is always a stressful but inevitable (and potentially exciting) process for all human beings, but I am also learning how to embrace yet another beginning and new chapter of my life.

Besides, I am thinking that perhaps it is precisely because of these changes that I am learning to appreciate the constants- my faith, this blog and my Self, my home and family, certain songs and special memories- which are so meaningful and close to my heart. 

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