Choose Love

Rant Of Relationship Advice To A Friend

You don’t deserve anything bad for opening up and trusting someone- that only makes you a real and true and honest human being, which is the best way to live no matter what anyone else says or does. When something bad happens, it’s always okay to be upset. In fact, bottled up emotions can tend to build up until they explode at a very inconvenient time, so you should get upset and angry and feel however you want to feel. But then you have to get logical to give your brain more power than your emotions. It’s okay to be hurt because that doesn’t say anything about you. All it says is that the one who caused the hurt is someone who, well, causes hurt- and that’s the worst kind of person there is. And besides, look at the bright side: you fell for someone, again! This in itself is amazing because it shows you just how easy and possible it is to fall for someone again. It is most definitely not something to regret. Imagine if you can fall for the wrong person so easily, think of how much you can and will fall for the right person who will actually be amazing! Basically, what happened happened. Yet another jerk of the world acted upon his jerk instincts, proving himself to be a pig, so you’re understandably hurt and you’ll move on. 

But then you have only two choices. You can either be totally closed off from love (which will never happen no matter how hard you try because human beings are social creatures who desire love and affection and belonging by nature) and end up negative and alone and change the good parts of you because of another bad person’s actions and take even longer to find the right person and just dwell on past sadness and believe it’s impossible to ever find someone again. Or, you can realize another player played his game and it’s okay that you’re hurt, but you not only learned how easy and possible it is to fall for someone again, but also that you are and always will be someone who came into the world and loved wholeheartedly and was real and true and open and even though this caused you to feel hurt and pain over and over again, each time you got back up because you were strong and never lost hope and eventually find the right person for you because you stayed true to your amazing self! Be hurt right now if you want to, because anyone in their right mind would and should be, but then when you’re ready in however long it may take, consider these options and choose the latter and move forward from that moment onwards. Life is hard, but you’re stronger that any obstacle or heartache that ever did exist, never forget that.


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