Laws Of Life Essay (2006)

As a child, my life was what most people would call perfect. I went to an excellent school with caring teachers, and I always received good grades. My friends were the kind of friends who would do anything for me and were always there for me. I had a wonderful family, and a nice home filled with love and happiness. The best thing about my life was that I knew I was lucky to have all that, and I thanked God for it everyday. I had what most people could only dream of, but though I knew I was fortunate, it never occurred to me that it was possible things would not always remain as they were. During 7th and 8th grade, my life had many changes and I realized something very important: it’s the changes in life, the twists and turns and the bumps and bruises that make us who we are today.

During the summer after 6th grade, things began to fall apart. my dad passed away, we got robbed multiple times, and since I was 13 and about to start junior high, I was sad and confused. At first, I refused to accept these changes and didn’t listen to anyone who tried to help me. As a result, when I started school, I stopped paying attention in class, pushed away my friends, and always got mad at my mom and younger sister over the smallest things. I joined every after school activity I could to keep myself busy and often did things to make my mom mad, such as run away from school, sneak out, and pull the school fire alarm or call 911 from the school phone as a prank. This year was the worst year of my life so far. My mom decided things had gotten hand and that after 7th grade, we would move to Atlanta, Georgia, where we had more family support. I was actually kind of excited to leave it all behind and move somewhere new, and I was looking forward to getting a fresh start.

When we arrived in Atlanta, I didn’t hesitate to tell my mom how disappointed I was that we did not live in the rural area like I had expected. Instead, we moved to a place called Duluth, a place completely different than my old home in Dallas, full of trees and scenery. It seemed like a nice enough place for vacationing I supposed, but somewhere I felt I could never get used to and call home. I missed Dallas, with it’s many high buildings and busy lifestyle. I missed my school and my friends and the house we had lived in for as far back as I could remember. I learned I would be going to Hull Middle school for 8th grade, and I was disappointed once again because this was not the school all my cousins went to. Since I was new and lost now more than ever, I did not talk much, and didn’t make any friends that year.

The school year ended, and I had to change schools once again; this time I would go to Peachtree Ridge high school, and I would be the first full graduating class of this new school. Since things had not gone as expected before, I was sure this time would be no different. I expected to hate my classes, and stay quiet and not meet any new people. But, to my surprise, everything was the exact opposite. I loved my classes, and made excellent grades again. I started paying attention and actually liking school again. my teachers encouraged me to join clubs and do activities I enjoyed. In these after school clubs, I met many of the people I had classes with, and made many new friends, some of whom continue to be my very best friends to this very day. We moved into a house that year, and it was close to our religious center which I began to attend nearly everyday. I soon realized that my bad actions were doing nothing but hurting myself and those I loved, so I stopped and got close to my family again. As the year went on, everything began to fall into place and life was better than it was when I was younger. the stage of change I had feared and hated so much seemed to now be over, and life was good once again.

One night, as I was falling asleep, I thought about how lucky I was to have a life that most people would call perfect, but this time, I kept in mind that it was possible that it would not always remain this way. This time I remembered that there would be more changes in my life, and it was nothing to fear; rather, it was something to be embraced because change is what makes a person stronger. “If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” (Gail Sheehy)

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