Okay To Be Happy

Remember that story about the man who is drowning and prays to God to save him? So three different men come on their boats and offer to help the old man, and each time he refuses because he only wants God to save him. And then, I suppose he dies, and finally gets a chance to ask God why he did not save him despite his constant prayers. God replies that he offered help and answered the man’s prayers three times, and that is when the man realizes that God sent the three men to help him.

Similarly, I remember the time I hated the sun. If I had to live in a dark prison, and everyone else lost hope and was not able to make it, I wanted to be the one who has such happiness in my soul from my faith that I would be happy even in that situation. It took me so long to realize that I am not in a cave, and it is okay if the sun adds to my happiness, as long as I can survive without it. 

The point here is that the sun, and other beautiful things and people, are sent to me by God to help me be as happy as I can possibly be! These things make me feel good; I do still wish it wasn’t so, but denying it does not change the fact that it’s true. Knowing who I am and what my life is about in my faith is all I need to attain true peace, but sometimes it’s okay to enjoy worldly things and let them add to my happiness as well, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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