Fairy Tale: My Happy Beginning

Once upon a time, I thought my life was perfect, but I was unhappy. Then, I lost everything in order to find myself and what my life is all about in my faith, and it set me free. I learned how to become alive. I learned about struggle and purpose in life. Finally, I learned how to find peace in the simple things as I really started to live my life. I have been through a great deal in these past 25 years, and I do not feel that many people can understand this part of me. If I have learned nothing else, I have learned these things about myself and my life, and I have found that faith, whatever power of the universe one may believe in, is the foundation to all else. Today, my life is anything but perfect–it is a crazy life of chaos and struggle, but also a full life, of love and purpose–and I am happy. The beginning.

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