Bad Day

(Written last week)

Today I failed my first NS test, In which I scored lower than what was required to pass the course. I was so upset, having never expected such a terrible failure. I couldn’t believe that yet another bad thing happened, that could keep me from succeeding in my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. I started to doubt myself and my intellectual capabilities, and just wanted to give up and not even try! 
And then, I remembered what I am always preaching to others–struggles and challenges are a part of life that mean you are alive and make you stronger. Did I really expect there to be no bumps in the road towards my greatest ambition in life? Nobody knows better than me that you have to have darkness to appreciate the light, and there is never a darkness that isn’t followed by the light. Of course I cannot get the thing I want most in the world without any problems, stresses, or failures. 
Then, my sweet sister (who made me a delicious meal) and amazing mother told me that I would’ve never gotten accepted to one of the best schools in the nation if I didn’t have it in me to succeed. Even my moms lecture on how failure is inevitable but it’s okay to fail, which I always thought I HATED to hear, helped me to realize that everything will be okay. 
And lastly, but certainly not in the least, there is my faith. Faith that is not just believing there is a higher power, but faith that the universe is on my side, and as long as I do my best then the rest is up to God. Faith that brings knowledge that the fear of failure should never keep you from trying, because the only true failure is not trying. Faith that reminds me of who I am and what my blessed life is all about, that is a spark in my soul that can never fade away.
So now, I know. I had a bad day and I failed a very important test. But guess what? I have another chance to take the test tomorrow, and another one after that in case I fail again. No good can come from being upset about the past test or worrying about what might happen if I fail the next one. What’s important is that I hope for the best as long as I am prepared for the worst, so I’m ready to study again and try my best tomorrow! 

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