Weekend Update: COLOR RUN 2013 & Kanwal’s Engagement!

The Color Run is the “happiest 5k on the planet”, and I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of it yesterday morning. This was my very first 5k, and I was definitely not prepared for it physically. I walked a majority of the way,  but I did run when I felt I could, and I am proud of myself for making it through when I wanted to give up. I especially enjoyed the color stations throughout the run, where people sprayed you with bright colored powder as your ran by, but nothing was as rewarding as completing the run, covered with a mix of colors and being unable to stop laughing with my friends. After the run, we enjoyed some grilled burgers and laying out in the sun listening to our favorite songs! Overall, it was a great experience that lived up to its name, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Before the run
During the run
After the run!
Us with the other half of our team (traffic took us so long to get there, they were already done!)
 Other runners
 Concert in the background

Sunshine and Friends:)
After the run, I rushed home to clean up and look presentable for the traditional engagement ceremony of my beautiful friend, Kanwal:) Wish I had taken some pictures of the DELICIOUS food!
The beautiful couple
 Proposal re-enactment
 Could the bride be any more gorgeous?!
 The ROCK, hehe;)
 Caught us all by surprise!
Overall, I would say that it was a very successful weekend off work:) See you all next time! xoxo

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