2012 US Election

According to last night’s election results, President Obama will remain President Obama for the next four years. However, this is better news for me than it is for many others. In fact, I woke up this morning to find that the world of social networking is in absolute chaos! People will always disagree, and I get that. But the hatred and bashing I was subjected to on my newsfeed was just ridiculous! The election is over and dwelling on the past will not change anything, so you can either be bitter towards it or make the best of it.

As most people that know me are already aware, there is nothing more important to me than my faith, because it is the only thing that is eternal. But in terms of worldly life, the only things that are “real” are our brains and each other. If you cannot open up your mind and educate yourself with knowledge that can turn into wisdom, and if you cannot use this intellect to not only tolerate, but understand, love, and help others in hopes of creating some sort of progress in society, than perhaps you should reconsider the direction towards which your life is heading. And, if you cannot spare a moment from your busy lives to just let go and laugh, then perhaps your should reconsider the entire reason for your existence. Learn, Love, Laugh-that’s all I’m saying!

In other somewhat-relevant-but-not-really news: First Lady’s Familiar Dress…WHY is this worthy of becoming an actual article?..

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