Random Facts About Me

(From the FB Note, “16 random facts about me” from 2009)

I have very random thoughts that seem to just spill out of my mouth as soon as I think them. Also, I love other people that are random. That is why I think I’ll love writing this note & may get a bit carried away.

I love people, all kinds. I love unique people. I love making eye-contact. I love psychology and behavior. I also like to observe people randomly. Not in the stalker kind of way, but in an eye-opening, I-wonder-what-their-life-is-like kind of way. It’s weird to think that to me they’re just another person, but they actually have their own life with their own goals and fears,
etc. I love music. Also, I know that was more than one fact but I don’t care. All 16 of my random facts won’t be this long, I swear.

My feelings get hurt easily and it ruins my day when someone doesn’t like me. I know I can never make everyone like me, but it would be nice if I could.
***Reading back on this note, this fact is no longer true***

Summer is my favorite time of the year. I love going to the beach and being lazy and letting the sunlight release serotonin in myself. But my favorite month is December. I can’t explain it.

Eventually I plan on traveling the world. I know a lot of people say this, but I really will, just watch.

I drink Niyaz (holy water) every morning. No matter what happens or where I am, I never forget.

After happiness, my favorite emotion is fear because I don’t feel it enough and it’s exciting when I do. I am not scared of things most people are scared of. I am scared of God. I fear my own
inadequacies, my own thoughts and feelings, sometimes my own actions. But most of all I am scared of being alone. I am terrified of people hurting me and leaving me and not loving me. I am scared of the feeling of eternal lonliness. That is what I’m afraid of.
***The second half of this is also no longer applicable***

I am so extremely ticklish, I can’t stand it. I have nightmares about it, and start laughing just by seeing others be tickled. And by writing about being tickled. Hahaha.

I am short. Obviously. I used to hate it & now I have grown to love it. (get it? GROWN to love it? Ha).

I love Hindi Movies, and I speak only Hindi with family, but only English with friends.

I have broken my nose and my thumb before. While my right thumb was broken, I wrote with my left hand and remembered I’m ambidextrous but had forgotten. Weird.

My favorite word is Love and my least favorite word is Alone, not hate.

I make cool jokes that other people think are lame and then I laugh because even though people don’t agree, they really are funny.

I only eat candy on Sundays. It’s a rule my mom made about 10 years ago because I get too hyper after I eat candy and it’s bad for my health and teeth.

I don’t remember or understand driving directions. I need an exact step-by-step, written down, ask anyone that knows me. Therefore, I get lost randomly all the time..its fun.

I don’t drink soda. At all. Any kind. Ever. Except once in a pizza party in elementary school, I think.

I don’t like ignorant people. Or when people judge other people without getting to know them. Period.

I get really annoyed when people press the elevator button when it’s already pressed. It does not make it come any faster.

I didn’t write 16 things and tag 16 people like I was supposed to because this isn’t graded and I
didn’t feel like it. But I really hope some bored person somewhere reads this because I already knew all this random stuff about myself.

I use post-its alot, everywhere, for everything. They’re vital and necessary in life.

I have THE STRANGEST dreams EVER, for REAL. Also, did you know the average dream lasts only a few seconds? What a beautiful analogy to support the idea that life is but a dream:)

I wear flip flops year round. People think I’m crazy but it doesn’t matter.

I forgive everyone for everything. As long as a person knows what they’ve done, and they ask for my forgiveness, I forgive without question, without expecting anything in return. In this big world, little things happen, and it’s important to have a big heart, and forgive. Life is too short to do anything but love.

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