Patience is a Virtue
(Written in Summer 2009)

The best way to gain patience is through service. Helping others expands one’s horizons and increases wisdom and tolerance, hence also increasing understanding and patience for others. I always used to accuse others of ulterior motives, assume that they are all volunteering simply for recognition, like I assumed they attended Khane (religious center) to pretend they were actually praying from the heart. This is when I realized that impatience may not be my biggest flaw, and that it in fact may be pride. First of all, I was wrong to judge them, hands down, and I vow not to do that any further. But I also have a bit of ego standing in the way of my own altruism. It is okay and perhaps even beneficial to volunteer expecting some sort of appreciation or suggestion for improvement, but when someone volunteers with the intention of receiving recognition as their primary motive, it is a selfish desire to boost one’s own self-esteem rather than genuine compassion for another. Once all of this is understood and attempts are made to change this, then and only then can one feel free and have peace of mind. Then and only then can one perform true acts of altruism and be rewarded with a light that will allow them to achieve true happiness.

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