Just for Fun

(Written in 2007)
If I had an endless amount of money to spend, there is so much that I would do. First of all, I would pay off all my loans and be debt free. Next, I would use some money for school. I would live on campus at GSU and I would save up for nursing school afterward. I would also save some money that would help me accomplish my future ambitions in my career field as well as outside. I would, of course, go shopping then. I would buy tons of new outfits and perhaps some shoes and bags or makeup and jewelry. I would most definitely spend money on fixing our house, and buying a new car, laptop, and cellphone with unlimited calls, texts, and internet access. I would go to concerts and music festivals as often as I wanted and party until I couldn’t party any more, and spend endless amounts of time at the beach. Last but certainly not the least, I would spend my money on others. I would take out dasond and taxes which are inevitable, but I would also give large sums to my family, extended family, and friends to help themfulfill their dreams and desires too. I would donate to my top 10 favorite charities, and be sure to remain anonymous. And most of all, I would fulfill my dream of volunteering around the world as part of various service organizations, perhaps every summer for the rest of my life.

It is now October of 2012, and I cannot express how blessed I am to have done nearly all of the things above that I thought would only be possible for a billionaire!

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