Fall/Spring Life Update

I rarely do random updates for no reason on here, but since so much has happened in the past few months and I haven’t really blogged about any of it, I feel like doing a quick update. Life right now is not perfect; in fact, if I think back to my past, I have had many a better day (but of course, I have been through much worse, too). However, LIFE IS GOOD and I do know that I have been happier this year than I ever consciously have been in the past…so you’ll be surprised to know that basically, my uneventful days pretty much consist of housework, job searching, working out, and an inexplicably strange balance of prayer and partying, ha.

These past few days, the warm, sunny, non-winter-like weather has done wonders for my overall mood. I have also been more healthy and productive than I have been during my entire winter break, so I figure that has to do at least somewhat with my good mood as well! I have been eating healthier, more balanced meals, and setting higher goals for my cardio and strength training workouts; I have also been rewarding myself after reaching my goals for continued motivation. I also hope to sign up for either yoga classes at GSU, or the super exciting Zumba dance fitness classes at Lifetime Fitness, depending on my schedule. I even cooked my very first real meal for my family, and after ALL THESE YEARS, I realize that the kitchen is NOT THAT BAD…whoduve thunk?!

As for school/my job, I definitely know things have been better. I only have ONE more ONE credit piano class to take, and that is what has pushed back my graduation an entire semester! I have to admit it is no fun to see all my friends graduate while still being in school because of one class. On the bright side, this weekend is Moo’s GRADUATION BASEMENT RAVE (I know, I thought of the creative name all by myself), and I am SO excited to go crazy one last time before I have to start nursing prerequisites next semester, bleh.

Although I am still employed at the hospital, I am not getting any hours at all. So basically, it is equivalent to being unemployed, except I get to keep the job current on my resume. -__- (BTW, Saint Joseph’s and Emory have completed their partnership process, so I am technically now an employee of Emory Hospital!). To keep myself busy, I DJ on the graveyard shifts at the radio station on Saturdays, and continue to volunteer at the library on Sundays, but I would most definitely like to volunteer at other organizations while I have the time and the opportunity! Not to worry though; I know that all I can do about this situation is continue to apply, and hope that I hear back from somewhere soon (and meanwhile, enjoy this hopefully short period of time in my life when I don’t have to work!)

Speaking of that, I also must admit that I love having this free time. Even though I was in this same situation the entire last semester I “studied” abroad in Europe, I am still not ever bored like I know most people would be, because I know this is temporary and I have waited for this for quite a while, lol…I just want to make the most of it and am glad I have been spending a lot more time with my family and friends because of it. In fact, I am considering taking this as a unique opportunity to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had time for, like skydiving, horseback riding, white water rafting, rock climbing, and the many other activities GSU has to offer this semester. I have done many of these in the past, but I would LOVE to do them again during my last semester at GSU! Of course, I also want to relax and catch up on all the books and movies from my list, but like I said, there is plenty of time for all of this=).

So like I said, Life may not be perfect, but it sure is good, and so I feel kind of like I do after a Mavs win (happy). As mentioned in my previous blogs, I know this is because I have finally understood the importance and significance of challenges and difficulties and I now welcome struggles with open arms because I feel that this is what gives meaning to my life. As I have also said in my previous blogs, I am more excited and ready than ever to take on whatever life throws my way this year…bring it on 2012.

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