Final Weeks in Strasbourg

During my last few weeks here in Strasbourg, I have been spending a lot of time with people I have met from EM Strasbourg and the BDI, as well as quite a few French locals. Today we had a picnic at the park, and I realized once again how much I love living in a small college town; nearly everyone I knew was there, and it was great that everyone knew each other. It’s rare times like this when I wish I was staying here longer. After my paper presentation on Tuesday and my French final on Wednesday, I will be done with school for the shortest semester of my life. After that, there are a few end of school parties coming up, and I’ve made plans to go to the beach here and hang out with the friends that I’ve made here, so I am looking forward to all of that; I am still looking forward to being back at home in the US, but since our Barcelona plans have very unfortunately been cancelled, I want to enjoy ever little bit of Strasbourg and its people as much as I possibly can. It’s safe to say that as much as I love experiencing new aspects of life in exotic and exciting places, my favorite part of it all is the people I meet, that I create lifelong friendships with just come across for a short time but from whom I am able to learn and grow as a person, and change a part of me forever. (Nearly all the pictures I have taken so far have been uploaded and posted on Facebook, for those who would like to see!)

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