#REALashionship Goals

Everyday in Jamatkhana, the religious place of prayer for Ismaili Muslims, there is either a Farman (speech of guidance) or, on rare occasions, a Wa'ez (similar to a Sermon at Church) on topics such as spirituality, education, health, service, and life struggles. Last night's topic was on the reality of relationships and goals we should all strive for, a … Continue reading #REALashionship Goals


Gender Roles In Marriage

A question came up recently on social media that brought up the issue of gender roles and equality in the aspect of proposals, weddings and marriage. It has struck up quite a storm on my news-feed, so I just wanted to offer my own $0.02 on the issue at hand. The initial concern was that … Continue reading Gender Roles In Marriage

Conflict Resolution

Every single person who is reading this has most likely gotten into an argument at some point or another with either their family member, a friend, or significant other. Conflict resolution is a topic that is so common in the life of every individual, yet it is not discussed openly or nearly as often as … Continue reading Conflict Resolution

Your Person

Everyone has a checklist on what qualities they'd want in their perfect partner- good-looking, educated, kind, romantic, funny, etc.- and many people believe that only the person with everything on their list is the one who they're meant to be with. But sometimes, you can meet someone with all of these qualities and still know … Continue reading Your Person

Ten Day Transformation

I wish the emotions in my heart would flow as simply and easily as the words on this screen, but unfortunately, life is more complicated than that so all I can do is try my best. I have always limited the public expression of my feelings in regards to the relationships in my life, so … Continue reading Ten Day Transformation

7 Steps to Healing Heartbreak

You wouldn't believe the number of articles, websites, videos, and more all dedicated to helping people get through a break-up. In the past few years, here is what I've found to be most helpful for me. It may not seem like it if you're experiencing heartache right now, but I feel better today than I … Continue reading 7 Steps to Healing Heartbreak