Arizona Adventures

As an avid lover of travel my entire life, I’ve been to countless states and countries, in all of the continents around the world (except Antarctica- no regrets- beachlife). One place I never planned to visit was Phoenix, Arizona (although I always wanted to visit Sedona, for which I have not yet gotten the opportunity). A couple of weeks ago, that is exactly where I ended up, and I had the time of my life.

Sometimes, it’s the most unexpected places that are filled with the most breathtaking beauty, and although this city may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and find it worth sharing for anyone considering. Disclaimer: I do have to say that a huge part, if not the main, reason I had such a great time was because I went for a wedding and got the chance to spend time with some lovely and amazing people, old and new.

Here a just a few of the photos that will forever serve as reminders that beauty lies in the most unexpected of places, and that it’s not always what happens but the people you are surrounded by that matter the most.

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