Knocks You Down

After a couple of very serious relationships in my life that did not turn out the way I had hoped, I had finally decided this time last year that I was done. Not that I was done with love, because sometimes love gets confused with hurt, anger, or pain, but that I was done with trying to control the aspect of romantic love in my life.

I understood the importance of self-love and remaining soft and light in a world of inevitable darkness, but I also understood that when the timing is right then everything would work out for me, and I had no doubt about this.

As it always so happens when I let go and let God, the very next day, I met my soulmate. Typically, I would not be posting about a relationship until I am in the later stages such as an engagement because it is not always looked upon positively in my culture. But deep within my heart, I have never been so sure of anyone being meant to be in my life as I am right now and to keep it hidden would be disservice to myself.

Of course, I can make no promises of how the future will turn out, but I do know that I have fallen and love has knocked me down once again. This sweet man, who has made sure I have a smile on my face every single day for the past one year, has been sent to me after the worst year of my life, as a direct result of my prayers to God/the Universe.

Never in my lifetime would I have expected to meet someone so kind, intelligent, unique, giving, hard-working, positive and inspirational, who shares my understanding of spirituality and the grand scheme of life (who also happens to be very easy on the eyes and makes me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever known). Someone who is always there to understand the deepest parts of me and never hold it against me, to love me not just despite my flaws, but because of my flaws.

Every day is a new day of adventure and compassion and laughter, and I attribute these characteristics to my best friend, love and soulmate. I believe each and every person that has come into my life over the past decade has been a teacher sent from beyond to lead me up to this exact moment, and in this month of Thanksgiving, I am eternally grateful to have met such an amazing human being into whom I can finally pour my overflowing cup of love.

“And I finally understood that all the love poems were about you…”

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