Democratic Debate

So I just finished watching the 2015 Democratic Presidential Debate and will waste no time in making my point that Bernie Sanders is hands down the best possible candidate for the next President of the United States. Of course, the other candidates each also made excellent points, but Bernie Sanders stood out for a variety of reasons, and his high level of conviction and confidence drew in the public and he kept them there with his open-minded and well-thought-out responses every step of the way. 

Senator Bernard “Bernie” Sanders of Vermont is a politician with a lifetime of experience and triumph through many failures, serving as one of this country’s most progressive leaders in terms of pressing issues in the United States today. He drew me in with his strong stance on spending less revenue and resources on jails (which, by the way, our country has more of than any other country in the world…but that is an entire post for another day) and instead, using them on free college education and increasing wages for the middle class instead of allowing the top 1% to control the entire economy. He is a promoter of equality for all and an advocate of the people taking back the control we deserve. When prompted with the question, do black lives matter or do all lives matter, he sensibly explained that black lives matter because he understands that all lives mattering is obvious common sense that should not have to be debated upon, and that just because some people experience injustice, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to focus on the fact that there is a clear problem of inequality towards people of color, and work on resolving this problem. I admire, respect, and agree with many of his viewpoints on topics such as gun control, taxes, insurance and social security (albeit I have my own viewpoints on other issues that none of these candidates can represent). Despite being admittedly out of par about the war situations of this country, I do stand strong to his belief that war should be the absolute last resort to resolve an issue, because the ideal situation in which there are no longer any wars is, unfortunately, but realistically, an idea that is too far ahead in the future, especially because we have already involved ourselves in these matters.

Even though Bernie Sanders is not the typical Christian with the same wife and children and advanced degrees in various fields (he is Jewish, divorced with step-children, and his highest level of education is a Bachelor’s degree), he has gone through both personal and professional struggles and because of them, become more open-minded and independent in his way of thinking. I am no tedious follower of government and politics, but I do keep up with the current issues I am passionate about and stand up for what I believe in on an individual and global perspective. I believe the debate served as an excellent platform for the presidential candidates to summarize their political identities and state relevant viewpoints on some of the country’s most pertinent issues today (although the aspects of science and health were practically non-existent during the debate itself)! Regardless of what anyone says, Obama has worked hard and made incredible steps towards progress in the U.S. and its relations with other countries, and if he cannot be re-elected then there is no better candidate than Bernie Sanders to continue to lead this country towards becoming “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”, the way it was always and truly meant to be. 

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