It seems to be a simple truth of life that one cannot actually control much of anything in life- you can’t change the past or guarantee a certain future, or even control anything or anyone at any given time- you can only control yourself, by controlling your mind. Life happens, but I am blessed enough to have all the knowledge, people, and resources to best handle and deal with it. Nothing is good or bad in and of itself; it all is exactly what it is, and the only thing that matters is how you choose to perceive it. What’s most important, and what your reality of life comes from, is the thoughts you choose to think, and how those thoughts make you feel. The combination of your thoughts and feelings is what determines your actions, which is the only thing we have even the slightest influence over. The way you perceive a situation is what creates your reality of life. No matter what you do, life will always do what it’s meant to do. But only you can decide how to react to it, and that’s really all we need. I suppose some part of me already knew this, but I didn’t become fully aware of this truth until now. It creates a feeling of insignificance to realize that I don’t control anything- I never have and I never will- but also a feeling of liberation to know that I control my thoughts, and that is everything. 

The greatest human experience is not to feel happy, or to feel love, or even to feel peace of mind. These are all human feelings, and they come from thought. When you identify with a thought, it becomes real to you. The moment the thought becomes real to you, it becomes an emotion, a sensation in the body. Everything is thought, and thought manifested, including the body. Thought is either in the past, in the form of depression, regret, guilt, or in the future, in the form of anxiety, fear, stress. When you accept a thought as being yours, you are losing yourself, because who you are is not the physical body with the mind thinking that thought. Thought cannot be in the now, it can never be in the present moment, the moment just is. You do not need to control your thoughts, or the emotions they create, because that is human, that is ego, that is not who you are. You are just a presence, a source, a oneness, an energy, the universe, God, Love, and life itself, you just are. The greatest experience is that of simply being, fully, in the now. 

Anything “negative” is simply a resistance of the mind; Whatever thought comes to you, whether it create a feeling of sadness or fear or anything else, recognize it as just that- a thought- from the past or the future, face it and accept it and welcome it and embrace it and be one with it, and it will fade when you see there is nothing there, just you, being. This will bring you to the joy and love you seek, because you will see it is all one, and non-duality is the key to freedom. We are all looking for love, so intuitively, we know we are beings of love. The problem is we are looking in the wrong direction- we are looking outward, in people and experiences and feelings- when love is who we are, at the essence of our being. When you truly understand who you are, it is impossible to not understand and love everyone, because we are all the same essence. When you can just be as you are in the now, you raise your vibrations, shift your consciousness, and awaken unto your true self.

Burt Harding: Setting Yourself Free!

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