The Magic of YouTube

People are often surprised when they ask me what movie or television show I would like to watch, and I tell them I prefer spending my evening with YouTube videos. The reason I love YouTube more than most other forms of media is because there is something for every aspect of my life, for every mood, for every experience. I enjoy a wide range of YouTube videos pertaining to my various interests- some of these include health and wellness, beauty and fashion, music and event reviews, outdoor living, and endless vlogs and random videos that can keep me entertained and laughing for hours. 

I enjoy seeing others experiencing life, sometimes living adventures I may not ever get to myself, and other times reflecting on their thoughts and feelings on both positive and negative life events. Most of all, I like seeing people from around the world sharing their philosophies on happiness and perspectives on life, and always having a place to turn to comfort me and connect with others who can relate to me. YouTube is a place that encompasses all these aspects and so much more, and with the growing number of YouTubers each day, I know I will always have more to see and learn and enjoy for years to come! Available on a number of platforms, YouTube is an easy and convenient way to take the world wide web and internet to a whole new level, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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