I got my first car, a gray 2001 Nissan Altima named Melanie Grace because we bought it at the beginning of the new millennium, fully paid off by my mother in 2007. A few weeks ago, it broke down on the side of the road- I wasn’t surprised, since lately I had been spending large sums of money on endless repairs, and the CD player and AC still didn’t work! So I spent another fortune to repair it, replaced all 4 tires, and hoped for the best. Instead, a passerby threw a piece of fruit out their window which directly hit and further damaged my car. Finally, it was totaled last week after being run over by an 18-wheeler and I was told the value of the car was less than the cost of the repairs. 

I thought this was bad luck, but it was very good luck in two ways: I survived the accident without a single scratch, and I bought a brand new white 2014 Honda Accord LX! I just bought it yesterday, and am in love with the exterior, interior, and all the amazing features that I just cannot stop obsessing over! The best part is how smoothly it runs and how peaceful it feels cruising down the road in the pearl white beauty- I will name her Serena Skylar. No, the best part is that I purchased the car on my own (mostly, lol) and I am a proud new first time car owner! I can’t wait to organize and decorate it and make it my very own and see all the places it takes me!

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