Athlete Game

Today I wanted to try something different, and write about something I know nothing about–the benefits of sports, or more specifically, the advantages of being an athlete. I have always had the utmost respect and admiration for athletes because to me, they exemplify the meaning of hard-work and perseverance, and not giving up even when it’s difficult and seems hopeless. Athletes know how to work well with others in a team and resolve conflict and move forward. They can support each other and compete with each other, and still come back to their team in the end. Athletic training provides not only the skills necessary for the game, but also to excel in nearly every aspect of life.

Athletes have to know how to manage their time, in order to balance their sport of choice with everything else in life. They understand the importance of sticking with their commitments, they value good health, and they have to keep an open-mind and consider all possibilities. It is undeniable that athletes are ambitious, because they set goals that involve winning, and this can be applied to any other success in life. Athletes know how to have a good time during and after a game, they are resilient because of their ability to bounce back from injuries, and most of all, they each have some type of strong foundation that allows them to be confident, strong, and have faith that everything will be okay because it is, after all, only just a game.

“In sports as in life, when you are off balance internally, your performance suffers on the outside.” -Anonymous

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