Oh, Blog: Happy Fourth Birthday!

Hello Dear Readers,

I am very proud and excited to announce that today marks the 4-year anniversary/birthday of my one and only blog! I originally started it in March of 2010 as the one place in which I wrote everything about me–who I am, what my life is about, my faith–and everything I think, feel, and experience that is interesting from day to day. That is all good and well, because most of my posts for the first couple of years expressed my unique opinions on all the issues that were most important to me. But as a self-proclaimed writer, I also have the need to write about my daily life as well as interesting finds from around the internet and the world and other people. Some of these are public posts, like this one, and many others are my own personal thoughts and feelings about ongoing happenings of my daily life that I simply save as drafts, like in a private journal.

Lately, I seem to be having trouble maintaining a balance between the two. Should I publish my daily diary entries that I’m sure nobody is interested in reading? Should I post about interesting articles and other blogs I find from around? Or should I just stick to posting only when I have something interesting to say that I believe is worth others’ time to read? If I re-post about things that others have already written about, what will make my blog different and specific to just Me? 

These and many other questions run through my mind when I think of my blog and the direction towards which I would to take it in the future. But whether they can be answered or not, one thing continues to remain as true today as when I first began this blog; that is, that this blog is for no one other than myself. Even if not a single other person ever comes across what I have to say, nothing can compare to the satisfaction it gives me of having a place all to myself, to express all about myself, that I will have for as long as it is possible for me to have. 

So, maybe I will continue to write about it all. I will write about my own life experiences and unique opinions that I believe separates me from others, but I will also share from elsewhere if I come across something interesting, even if I have not written it myself. Sometimes, if and when I find that I do not mind having someone else read what I have to say, I will publish it. Other times, when I write about matters which are closer to my heart, I will simply save it and keep it for myself to read later. Regardless of what specifics I decide on, I am so happy to celebrate the 4-year anniversary/birthday of my blog today, which has and will always have a special place in my heart. 

As an avid blog-lover, I read other blogs almost as much as I write in my own, so below I have included a few links to some of my all-time favorite blogs that inspire, entertain, and make you think. Really think. Feel free to browse through these or some of my previous posts, and comment with any questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement!

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Why I love it: Written by a magazine writer turned blogger, it is a super-blog that literally covers everything, from fashion & beauty to weddings & relationships!

Color Me Katie
Why I love it: The most creative and colorful blog on the block brings a new meaning to word, fun!

Psychedelic Adventure
Why I love it: My favorite blog in the whole world that says in words and pics, everything that my soul feels but cannot always express.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Why I love it: This amazing woman exudes faith and compassion in a way that can only be understood by visiting her blog yourself!

My Random Insanities
Stained Life 
Why I love ’em: Just some other blogs taking a peek into the life a stranger may not seem like anything special, but these are the kind that inspire my own blog more than any others. 



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