iPhone Separation Anxiety

Last night, while I was trying to update to the latest version of iOS on the iPhone 4s, my phone froze and stopped working, and did a factory restore to it’s original settings. So, I lost EVERYTHING. I lost all my messages, contacts, documents, games, calendar, music, videos, and photos. I lost all of my various apps and everything I had stored within them this past year. Most of all, now that it’s not working, I no longer have the internet at my fingertips and am unable to constantly check my email, school or work stuff, social media sites, or instant searches on google! The phone company it’s through, T-Mobile, said they can’t do anything about it and that I need to go back to wherever I bought it so they can unlock it again, but I don’t remember at all where I bought it from over a year ago! 

Addiction: iPhone-a-holic

 I always pride myself on not being attached to any sort of material belongings, other than the ones absolutely necessary for survival, but turns out I was very wrong and I am most definitely attached to my cell phone. I feel so lost without my to-do list and calendar, so alone without my contacts, messages, and social media, so uninformed without my email and the internet, and so worried about losing all of my nursing apps and documents for school. I wish that it didn’t matter, and that I could react about this the same way I would react about losing something else, but the sad truth is that I am so used to having and doing everything on my phone, all day, every day, and am ashamed to say that my greatest concern right now is not figuring out how to become detached from my phone, but rather, how to most quickly and efficiently restore my phone. 

At this point, I don’t know which is more upsetting: the fact that I will have to go an entire day or two or more without a working phone, or that I realized I have a real addiction to my iPhone! The good news is that once this gets resolved, I know I have to work on slowly weaning off my iPhone dependence!

I finally calmed down and remembered that it is, after all, just a phone. And then, everything fell into place. I learned that I was more addicted than I realized, I learned the importance of having a back up restore on iTunes, and I got to experience the freedom of about 24 hours of nearly no technology. My iPhone is now basically new and upgraded to the most current version, which I absolutely love, and the company I bought it from gave me a free temporary phone for all calls and texts until next week when I can take in my iPhone to be unlocked again! Everything worked out better than it was originally, and now not only do I have my phone back, but I know not to get TOO addicted=)! 

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