Emory BSN Orientation

Orientation for nursing school went more or less as expected. There were a lot of speakers, a few interesting group activities, and although it was slightly overwhelming, it was great to meet such an amazing group of people. The only problem was with scheduling; I commute from a long distance, and my schedule was not accommodating for my planned carpool at all, and I ended up just having to work around it. Also, I am a morning person and got evening classes, commute and got classes that end at rush hour, and despite all efforts to change my clinical location 45 minutes away, was told there is nothing that can be done to help me.

As you already know, nursing is my one lifelong dream and purpose, and I understand that sacrifices must be made to achieve my goals. I also understand the logistics of scheduling and placement must be difficult, so it can be a hassle to accommodate the requests of so many students. Unfortunately, I see that there is nothing that can be done about my schedule, or my clinical location for this semester. I have tried my best to be very open minded and understanding, but I can only hope they also understand my frustration upon being told that it is not even possible to keep my situation in mind for FUTURE scheduling.

Throughout orientation, we were constantly told that nursing is not all black and white, that it is all about understanding, flexibility, and using personal judgment. We are also told that the priority of the faculty at Emory is the happiness, well-being and success of its students. In fact, I was happy to hear that there actually is a placement coordinator instead of a robot or computer that does all the scheduling. However, this has been of no benefit to me, and it seems that nobody is willing to understand my point of view at all. I know that life is not fair, but I do not think that means that I should just have to blindly accept every situation without even trying to change it.

I have tried to ask many students if they would be able to switch with me, but I have had absolutely no luck with that. I talked with the faculty in charge of scheduling and placement coordination, but she seems to be entirely robotic, not understanding the concept of making exceptions when necessary (by the way, I strongly believe this to be the absolute worst quality that a human being can possess). As a last attempt, I had no other choice but to email the assistant dean about my concerns, and am a bit nervous as to what his response will be. But I know that for anything you don’t like in life, you must do everything you can to change it. And, if after trying your best, it still cannot be changed, it must simply be accepted. 

I have done all I can, and the rest is up to God. It just scares me a bit that this is just the beginning, before having even officially started classes! I know a lot of issues will arise throughout my nursing school life and career as an actual RN, and I pray to have the strength to face all issues to the best of my ability, with understanding, without fear. And on another random note that you all know I love to add, I HAVE SO MUCH HW! I have never had this much to do for school in my entire 24 years of life; I guess they meant it when they said I will have to live, eat, and breathe nursing for two years because it is the hardest thing I will ever do! 

PS-I have not yet watched the MTV VMA’s from last night, but I hear *NSYNC is back together, woohoo! Also can’t wait to see what people are judging poor Miley about now..

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