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Because I am sick and therefore, confined within the four corners of my bedroom, I spent the day browsing through blogs like a fanatic until a certain question hit me: Why do I write so much, so often? Well, either it’s because I believe one day this will all be found and a book will be written about my greatness and infinite wisdom (sarcasm), or I do this to get my feelings out on paper, clear my mind, and know that nobody will ever read this and one day it will be lost forever. Either way, writing makes me feel good–it gives me a kind of inexplicable happiness, a contentment and satisfaction with life in general.

For as far back as I can remember, I have been writing. As a child, I wrote in my diary; as a teenager, I wrote on Xanga, and now, as an adult, I have discovered the ideal platform for my thoughts and ideas: my very own blog/website. But also for just as far back, I have been wishing that I could be like everyone else, that I could stop thinking and writing and thinking and re-writing, and just live my life.

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized two things: 1) just how much of a blessing it is to be able to express myself through my writing and 2) how to balance this writing with my daily life. Most people would agree with me when I say that whenever a writer is exposed to new ideas, new people, or new experiences, it is almost inevitable for said writer to re-evaluate his or her own self, life, or beliefs (or in this particular case, blog).

I am a writer, despite what anyone else may have to say about it. I love writing, about myself, about life, and everything in between (In fact, it comes as somewhat of a shock to me that I have not written a single word about writing itself until now). I write about what I think, how I feel, what I believe in, what I am. During the most difficult times of my life, when I’ve asked God to give me strength, the power of the written word seemed to serve as His personal gift to me. It saddens me greatly to think of those who are unable to express all that they are in the form of writing. If I couldn’t write, all that I know now would have been trapped inside of me, a giant messy confusion of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, an uncontrollable insanity. When I have a direct problem (usually caused by someone else), I write to them to fix it. And other times when something is bothering me that I can do nothing about, I know I can always turn to writing.

In no way is the intention of this post to toot my own horn, but I do believe my writing has has enabled me to find myself and experience a certain personal growth in a way that may not have been possible had I not discovered this medium. This is probably the very first time I’ve realized that perhaps writing is an even greater outlet for me than music, which allows you as the reader to take a peek almost directly into my soul. Writing is my gift, my love, my passion, and among other things, my sanity. Writing is something I do for myself, a form of art that requires little effort, and provides the greatest rewards for the smallest cost. Even though my writing may never be felt by a single soul, I hope to never stop writing. And I thank God for showering this blessing upon me every day.

This post was also not written with the intention of expressing such level of depth, but rather, to merely express what has been on my mind lately. While I was browsing through these blogs, there were a few I happened to come across which spoke to me directly, like I was at the “write” place at the “write” time (ha! I could go on, but I’ve decided to spare you).

Below are a few links to those posts in particular, in which other talented writers have seemed to put in to words what I’ve thought or felt before but was unable to express quite as efficiently. I’ve also included a couple just because they were interesting reads for inquiring minds; I think they’re a good place to gain some beginner’s inspiration for those of you who would like to get into blogging yourselves–remember, as long as you write for yourself and not for others, you’ll have something worth reading. Happy blogging!

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Kisses from Katie (An overall fabulous blog)!

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