Act As If

A bulk of my posts talk about how to transform your thoughts, which will then change your emotional response, which will eventually lead to a change in behavior and create a desired outcome. As effective as this simple method has proven to be for me, there is another theory out there that sparked my interest … Continue reading Act As If


Modern Day Anxiety Theory

My mother always used to tell me that in her time and in her country, the prevalence of anxiety was almost non-existent. I always argued back that it was probably the same, but just less reported since it wasn't as openly known or talked about. But now, as I return to living simply and focusing … Continue reading Modern Day Anxiety Theory

Experiencing Emotion

Oftentimes, when one is upset or anxious or experiencing any other negatives emotions, people tell them to immediately deflect these thoughts and instead, reinforce positive thoughts and focus on the good. What this does when done on its own is provide a temporary escape until a number of similar situations invoking these same emotions builds … Continue reading Experiencing Emotion

Mental Health Facilities: A View From Inside

As you may know, I spent quite a bit of time on various units of a mental and behavioral health inpatient facility as a nursing student. I gained a different perspective of mental health than I had before, and actually considered making this my specialty area. It was most definitely an eye-opening experience that filled … Continue reading Mental Health Facilities: A View From Inside