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From the perfect idea, legal set-up, brand design, content, website and social media marketing, to clarity, confidence, accountability and mindset, I’ve got you covered with all the tools, strategies, resources and actionable steps to prioritize wellness AND have your own, unique business in just 6 weeks!

Struggling with anxiety, depression, fatigue or insomnia? Align your mind, body and soul with Spirit Life 101: A 6-week holistic wellness program designed to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs in just 15 minutes a day, using an integrative approach including meditation, therapy and health coaching.

Sign up for a 1:1 life design session! Dive into a behind-the-scenes look of Spirit Life where I document my journey as a free-spirit and lifestyle blogger. This is my home on the internet and your go-to source for all things wellness, business, spirituality and balanced living. Join the Instagram family and follow along at @spiritlife_official!


Design your life from the inside out

These 1:1 life design sessions combine meditation and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy with holistic wellness, followed by a career, relationship and daily routine assessment to give the most comprehensive life coaching transformation in as little as 3 sessions!

Shop Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope is an  international organization that empowers women out of poverty and sex trafficking by providing them with sustainable living through selling ethical products around the world. Each fair-trade purchase serves as a bold fashion statement while helping local artisans from around the world.

Amazon Favorites

Shop the Spirit Life Amazon store for all the best hidden deals and most highly recommended finds, from holistic wellness necessities and daily lifestyle secrets to household decor and must-have travel gear and accessories! A percentage of all proceeds goes towards supporting the efforts of various monthly charities.

Make A Difference

The core values of Spirit Life are founded upon self-development through enhancement of mind, body and soul, and service to others by making a difference all around the world. Learn how you can travel the world and make a global impact with International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ).

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