1. very interesting. It sounds like a way of life, not just a one-day-a-week-religion. I think caring for the whole person, mind, body, and soul are the most important thing that a religion can teach after faith. It all comes down to one thing in the end…thank you for sharing so much of yourself today.

  2. These tips are so helpful! I think each of these are so important if you want to be productive. Productivity is a combination of many positive habits. I think the tip about having a clean workspace is one that people often times don’t think much about, but it’s amazing how much more work I am able to get done when my surroundings are in order. Great post!

  3. You have always been an inspiration and I can’t wait for you to share that with the world. I’m super excited for you and looking forward to hearing about your journey. 💖💖

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  5. I think I checked all those tips in your checklist. I can think of more than 10 ways. The 11th is taking time to appreciate the work of others. It certainly is a joy to find your blog. 🙂

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