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Fatima Punja Sohani

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My name is Fatima Punja Sohani and I am the creator and host of “The Spirit Life Podcast.” This podcast explores the 3 pillars of a balanced lifestyle: personal wellness in mind, body & soul, purposeful social & environmental impact, and creating a low-stress, high-vibe life you love! This framework is designed to help fill your cup so you can pour into others, while having fun and embracing the journey in every single moment. I invite you to dive in to the episodes below, sit back and enjoy the ride of a life fueled by soul & driven by love.



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Many of us go through life feeling stressed and unfulfilled, but when you FEEL your best, you can DO your best. Are you a busy woman who struggles with prioritizing your well-being, ready to be happier and healthier, and create a life of purpose, balance, inner peace and joy? After years of experience as an integrative wellness consultant, registered nurse, mindfulness therapy practitioner, meditation instructor, spiritual life coach, entrepreneur and CEO of Spirit Life, Fatima has a unique ability to simplify and organize the chaos of life using an authentic and light-hearted approach.

Join your host Fatima as she combines spirituality and science to provide simple solutions for stress, gets expert advice from guest interviews, shares inspiring stories of overcoming adversity, and takes a behind-the-scenes look at what it really means to have it all. Topics include holistic wellness, mental health, personal development, spirituality, love, purpose, business, productivity, manifestation, minimalism, balance, lifestyle, and so much more – let this serve as a gentle reminder that when you have inner peace, you can thrive regardless of worldly circumstances. Tune in every week to “The Spirit Life Podcast” where you’ll be guaranteed to level up your wellness, purpose & lifestyle, free of charge.