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I am body and spiritual care nurse and life coach who helps busy women and
entrepreneurs to balance their self-care, relationships and career by creating simple yet
intentional changes to their daily routine!
Self-care for Success by Nurse Fatima
A transformational guide to success and happiness for the multitasking woman who falls behind on her self-care because she’s busy putting everyone else first

If you’re reading this you most likely have big career goals, hectic class schedules, family
obligations, social commitments and a never-ending to do list higher than your pile of laundry.
Lately, you may even have been neglecting your mental, emotional, or physical health. You
understand the importance of self-care, but it’s just not feasible or realistic for your busy
schedule and making it a priority right now is the last thing on your mind.
But you also know you cannot deliver your best self from a depleted source. You want to do so
much but life situations like busy schedules and fatigue get in the way. Well, you’ve come across
the perfect solution! This is the most simple, effective and efficient way to optimize your well-
being and create a balance between taking care of your Self and changing the world- on a time
crunch and within a budget!
Whether you are a young adult college student or seasoned entrepreneur, a busy mom or
corporate professional, this course is a lighthearted self-care approach for those of you who are
short on time. You don’t want to add one more task to your never-ending to-do list, but you
know you can’t deliver from a depleted source. This course was designed specifically keeping
multitasking women like you in mind. It is ideal for busy goal-getters like you who know how
important it is to take care of yourself but need a quick and easy way to incorporate self-care for
your optimal mind, body and soul. Learn to effortlessly balance self-care, relationships and your
career with pure joy in each moment as you manifest your dream lifestyle and achieve your
greatest goals!
This course works by incorporating 5 simple habits into your daily lifestyle over the course of 5
weeks that will set you up for happiness, health, and success beyond measure. And the best
part? It only takes a few minutes each day. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with
the tools to create awareness of your current habits and take control over your JOY! Part of
being successful is being at peace during the journey. This course is designed for self-motivated
individuals to create an awareness of who they are, what’s most important to them and the
direction in which they want to take their life.
Habits are not always formed quickly or easily and they do require some level of self-discipline
and inner motivation. This course will allow the opportunity for self-reflection as you take a
quick pause and change the trajectory of your life. Through this course, you will get grounded
and feel centered so you can work with clarity and confidence towards your greatest dreams. By

the end of this course, you will have seamlessly incorporated the most vital self-care habits into
your daily life in less than 15 minutes a day!
How does it work?
I’ve done all the work for you so you can relax instead of thinking of this as another task. Once a
week, a reminder link for each of the 5 modules will come directly into your inbox. All you have
to do is click start and follow along the guided step-by-step instructions from your favorite
holistic health nurse to optimize your well-being on the path to success. You can work at your
own pace, on your own time that works best with your busy lifestyle!
This course includes:
Modules for week 1-5 (descriptions below)
Jam packed with valuable content videos and 30+ free printables, downloadable resources and
templates, checklists and worksheets to keep you happy, healthy, organized and successful!
Plus, all new students get an automatic 50% discount on 1:1 Coaching services with Fatima and
24/7 access to ask any questions or share your concerns.