Farewell to Obama

I finally mustered up the courage to listen to President Barack Obama's Farewell Address, and I am left with an array of emotions ranging from pride and joy to heartache and worry. Obama has led the United States of America for the past eight years with grace, determination, hard work, an open-mind, and genuine love … Continue reading Farewell to Obama

Trump Hate With Love

Donald Trump is the new president of the United States of America. Rather than the celebratory unity experienced by the majority in 2012 after the last re-election of Obama, most people I know are upset and angry- and with good reason- our country was supposed to be the greatest melting pot of progress serving as … Continue reading Trump Hate With Love

Letter to a Legislator: Workplace Violence

March 23, 2015Senator Renee UntermanGeorgia State Capitol121-J State CapitolAtlanta, GA. 30334Dear Senator Unterman:My name is Fatima Punja and I am a nursing student at Emory University. I have lived in Gwinnett County for the past decade and I know you share my interest in nursing and prevention of violent crime. I am writing to you … Continue reading Letter to a Legislator: Workplace Violence

Major Beliefs & Politics

Based on my recent posts, I have had quite a few of you ask what I believe in in terms of politics (vs. religion). Well, what I believe in is simple: open-mindedness, kind-heartedness, and freedom of Faith and of life. But if I must choose a political category, then I would come closest to the … Continue reading Major Beliefs & Politics