Happiness VS. Peace

This post has been a long time coming because the difference between happiness and peace is so extremely significant, yet so underrated and misunderstood that I really wanted to discuss it on here. Happiness is an emotion. It is a mood, such as sadness, anger, frustration or confusion. Like all feelings, it comes and goes … Continue reading Happiness VS. Peace

Seat Of Awareness

Yesterday, after spending nearly the entire day in a negative mindset, I decided to take my own advice for once. I got off the rocking chair of worry and sat back in the still seat of awareness...and simply observed what exactly my mind was doing. I noticed I was deeply saddened about decision I had … Continue reading Seat Of Awareness

Letting Go

The greatest and most difficult lesson I have ever learned in my entire lifetime, that I still am continuously working on, is that of letting go. Not just letting go of small things, or even big things, but letting go of the external identity of self- Ego. Letting go is not forgetting. It is not … Continue reading Letting Go

Happy: A Documentary

I just watched a documentary on Netflix called, "Happy" and it is, without a doubt, a definite new favorite of mine. The film goes all around the world discussing research as well as specific cases on what makes people happy- and what does not. Although most people believe that having certain things will lead to … Continue reading Happy: A Documentary

Cabin By The Oak

You are the observer inside of a cabin in the woods that has always been and will always remain your home. Smells of your favorite foods bring back sweet memories you can almost taste, and sounds of you favorite music provide hope that everything will be okay. The sensation of comfort brought on by a … Continue reading Cabin By The Oak

The Power of Now

I just finished reading my new favorite book, The Power of Now, written by Eckhart Tolle. This is not a review, but merely my reflection; however, f you are a human being, and you will read any one book in your lifetime, I highly recommend this book because for the first time, I have not … Continue reading The Power of Now

Transition Into Now

Growing up, I thought I had the picture-perfect childhood, but I always had an inkling in the back of my mind that something was missing, something more than what I knew. I was going through all the right motions, but it's all more or less a blur to me now. When I had my awakening … Continue reading Transition Into Now

Stillness Speaks

So I just finished, "Stillness Speaks", one of the best books I have come across in a very long time...and I won't even beat around the bush: I highly, highly recommend it to all human beings. Written by contemporary spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle (author of NY Times best-seller, "The Power of Now"), the essence of … Continue reading Stillness Speaks