Gender Roles In Marriage

A question came up recently on social media that brought up the issue of gender roles and equality in the aspect of proposals, weddings and marriage. It has struck up quite a storm on my news-feed, so I just wanted to offer my own $0.02 on the issue at hand. The initial concern was that … Continue reading Gender Roles In Marriage


Becoming Mrs.Maknojia

It’s official- I am a married woman and resident of the state of Texas, having entered fully into the next stage of my life! The wedding was nothing short of perfect; although the order of events did not go according to our exact plans, every single part of the night- from the food and décor, … Continue reading Becoming Mrs.Maknojia

Your Person

Everyone has a checklist on what qualities they'd want in their perfect partner- good-looking, educated, kind, romantic, funny, etc.- and many people believe that only the person with everything on their list is the one who they're meant to be with. But sometimes, you can meet someone with all of these qualities and still know … Continue reading Your Person

Wedding Update

I haven't mentioned much on here about my upcoming wedding, but I just wanted to take a few moments to share some updates. At first, I was very resistant to the whole process of putting in so much time, money, and effort into an event that I really did not even initially want; yes, I … Continue reading Wedding Update

Becoming Mrs.Maknojia!

I am so excited to announce that this is my first blog as a legally married woman! Traditionally in our culture, we are not considered married until we have a religious ceremony at our place of prayer, which is also when we have a huge reception and celebration with all of our family and friends. … Continue reading Becoming Mrs.Maknojia!

A Whole New World

After over 27 years of life, I finally got it (mostly) all figured out, and I am in the best place of my life ...and then comes a relationship. I know who I am and what my life is about and I honestly couldn't ask for more blessings than those which have been showered upon … Continue reading A Whole New World