#REALashionship Goals

Everyday in Jamatkhana, the religious place of prayer for Ismaili Muslims, there is either a Farman (speech of guidance) or, on rare occasions, a Wa'ez (similar to a Sermon at Church) on topics such as spirituality, education, health, service, and life struggles. Last night's topic was on the reality of relationships and goals we should all strive for, a … Continue reading #REALashionship Goals


Happy: A Documentary

I just watched a documentary on Netflix called, "Happy" and it is, without a doubt, a definite new favorite of mine. The film goes all around the world discussing research as well as specific cases on what makes people happy- and what does not. Although most people believe that having certain things will lead to … Continue reading Happy: A Documentary

Conflict Resolution

Every single person who is reading this has most likely gotten into an argument at some point or another with either their family member, a friend, or significant other. Conflict resolution is a topic that is so common in the life of every individual, yet it is not discussed openly or nearly as often as … Continue reading Conflict Resolution

Lifestyle Goals

If you know me well, you know there are certain beliefs I have developed over the course of my life that do not falter; among these, are: each person has the peace and power of the Universe within themselves, everything in the world is a vibrational energy that works with you, and that happiness is … Continue reading Lifestyle Goals

Your Person

Everyone has a checklist on what qualities they'd want in their perfect partner- good-looking, educated, kind, romantic, funny, etc.- and many people believe that only the person with everything on their list is the one who they're meant to be with. But sometimes, you can meet someone with all of these qualities and still know … Continue reading Your Person

Cabin By The Oak

You are the observer inside of a cabin in the woods that has always been and will always remain your home. Smells of your favorite foods bring back sweet memories you can almost taste, and sounds of you favorite music provide hope that everything will be okay. The sensation of comfort brought on by a … Continue reading Cabin By The Oak

Love Languages

I recently came across several posts on the book, "The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate", by Gary Chapman. It speaks of five love languages consisting of gift giving, physical touch, acts of service/devotion, words of affirmation, and quality time. Chapman states that each individual has a primary and secondary … Continue reading Love Languages