A Simple Soul

They say that when life gets too overwhelming, it is natural to desire an existence of simplicity. Well, perhaps the greatest change which has occurred in me after the most difficult year of my life, is the inner peace that has now become so easy to access. After discovering this new world of peace, it … Continue reading A Simple Soul


Blank Slate: Lifestyle Minimalism

A little less than one year ago I began my journey into a simple lifestyle by diving headfirst into the world of de-cluttering and minimalism. (Read about the beginning of my journey here). Today, I would like to reflect on that simple choice and how it has grown into a lifestyle, and talk a little bit about … Continue reading Blank Slate: Lifestyle Minimalism

Simply Blessed Mama

Today's post is a little different but extra special because it features my long-time friend from Atlanta, Georgia, Sharmin Lakhani. Having known her for quite some time, I already knew she was an amazing daughter, friend and teacher. It turns out, she also happens to be an extremely talented writer, and loving wife and mother. … Continue reading Simply Blessed Mama

Seat Of Awareness

Yesterday, after spending nearly the entire day in a negative mindset, I decided to take my own advice for once. I got off the rocking chair of worry and sat back in the still seat of awareness...and simply observed what exactly my mind was doing. I noticed I was deeply saddened about decision I had … Continue reading Seat Of Awareness

4 Feel-Good Faves

For the first time since my life took a drastic turn into marriage over two months ago, I feel like my Self- content exactly where I am and excited for all that the future holds. In light of this change in perspective, I wanted to share four of my current feel-good favorites, some of which … Continue reading 4 Feel-Good Faves


Last week, one of my best friends came to me feeling very upset because a random trainer at the gym told her that she would never succeed. Even though she knew she was eating well, working out, and had made incredible progress over the past year, she was still so hurt by the false words … Continue reading Self-Advice

The Happiness Habit

Just like you cannot change the past or predict the future or control what others think, you also cannot control anything other than yourself. Everyone in the world wants to be healthy, loved, & successful, but most do not feel that they are, and even when they are, happiness is not guaranteed. Although it is perfectly okay to … Continue reading The Happiness Habit

The Magic Of Not Giving A F***

*WARNING: THIS POST MAY CONTAIN OFFENSIVE CONTENT NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE WHO ARE EASILY OFFENDED*As you may be able to tell from my recent posts, lately I have been reading and watching a wide variety of inspirational content that has been helping me a great deal in my transition to a new, married, adult life. … Continue reading The Magic Of Not Giving A F***

5-Second Rule: Mel Robbins

Today, I'm going to be talking about the five-second rule (and no, I'm not talking about the one where it becomes permissible to eat germ-infested food that has fallen on a dirty surface if you pick it up in under five seconds). The new version of the five-second rule is a scientific method of thinking … Continue reading 5-Second Rule: Mel Robbins

Happy: A Documentary

I just watched a documentary on Netflix called, "Happy" and it is, without a doubt, a definite new favorite of mine. The film goes all around the world discussing research as well as specific cases on what makes people happy- and what does not. Although most people believe that having certain things will lead to … Continue reading Happy: A Documentary