PumpUp Partner

I am thrilled to finally be able to share some exciting news: I have been selected as an official partner for PumpUp! PumpUp is a health and fitness lifestyle app designed to keep yourself motivated and inspire others to live their healthiest, happiest life! The PumpUp app not only lets you add workouts, meals, and … Continue reading PumpUp Partner


Lifestyle Goals

If you know me well, you know there are certain beliefs I have developed over the course of my life that do not falter; among these, are: each person has the peace and power of the Universe within themselves, everything in the world is a vibrational energy that works with you, and that happiness is … Continue reading Lifestyle Goals

Happy New Year 2017!

2016: The year I got engaged to the love of my life following a fairy-tale proposal, traveled to California and D.C., became a minimalist, took my first cruise for my Bachelorette with my best friends, went on my first cabin trip, got legally married with my dream beach wedding, made a life-changing 3-week solo trip … Continue reading Happy New Year 2017!

Ten-Day Transformation: Update

I DID IT! It is Day 10 of my ten-day transformation and words cannot even begin to describe this life-altering experience. This was probably one of the most difficult challenges I have ever set for myself, and required immense determination, dedication, strength and faith. That being said, it has also been one of the most … Continue reading Ten-Day Transformation: Update

Ten Day Transformation

I wish the emotions in my heart would flow as simply and easily as the words on this screen, but unfortunately, life is more complicated than that so all I can do is try my best. I have always limited the public expression of my feelings in regards to the relationships in my life, so … Continue reading Ten Day Transformation

Save Hospitals in Africa!

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2012, the top 5 killers in Africa are: HIV/AIDS, lower respiratory tract infections, diarrheal diseases, malaria, and strokes. Millions of people continue to die as a result of these health-related issues, and it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and provide support in any way we can. As you may … Continue reading Save Hospitals in Africa!

Meditation Monday

The simple definition of meditation is to spend time alone in quiet thought or presence, either for religious purposes or relaxation. There are various types of meditation, each with numerous potential benefits and every aspect of life. Today I would like to share my top 3 favorite forms of meditation, since it is such an … Continue reading Meditation Monday

Global Is Local

The Aga Khan Health Board will be hosting its annual Ismaili Health Professionals Association (IHPA) networking event on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 8 PM. This formal event will be held at OPAL event hall in Norcross, Georgia, where fine mediterranean cuisine will be served. The event will be open to all prospective and current healthcare professionals and students over the age of … Continue reading Global Is Local

Nurse Fatima: Graduation & Compassion

This past weekend, I graduated from Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University and accomplished one of my greatest dreams in life- that of becoming a nurse and using my knowledge and skills to better the overall health and lifestyle of my patients and all those around me. Just a couple of years … Continue reading Nurse Fatima: Graduation & Compassion

Community Health Clinical

My community clinical at City of Refuge was one of the best experiences during my time in nursing school. We visited the CDC, got a tour of the Mercy Care clinic, taught children about hand-washing and infection control, assisted with Easter events and an ice cream social, and worked hard to establish a project to provide … Continue reading Community Health Clinical