Emotional Courage

I don't want to get into details or specifics about any certain area of my life, but I do want to give an open and honest update about what's been going on with me internally for the past couple of weeks (also what has kept me from being motivated to post more often for you … Continue reading Emotional Courage


Stillness Speaks

So I just finished, "Stillness Speaks", one of the best books I have come across in a very long time...and I won't even beat around the bush: I highly, highly recommend it to all human beings. Written by contemporary spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle (author of NY Times best-seller, "The Power of Now"), the essence of … Continue reading Stillness Speaks

Colors Of My Heart

Emotions have taken over me. Writing, the personal expression of creativity, flows. Music that is associated with nearly every important event in my life. Memories stronger than ever now that fall has arrived and made me feel winter. Dreams more vivid than ever, that I actually remember and carry with me throughout the day. But … Continue reading Colors Of My Heart

Experiencing Emotion

Oftentimes, when one is upset or anxious or experiencing any other negatives emotions, people tell them to immediately deflect these thoughts and instead, reinforce positive thoughts and focus on the good. What this does when done on its own is provide a temporary escape until a number of similar situations invoking these same emotions builds … Continue reading Experiencing Emotion

Drops of Mercury

Back in the galaxywith drops of MercuryFeels like winterTalks like springMemories of a summer swingFlew across the moonMade it back to the sunBy late afternoonThinking of the starsMadness where we areDancing through the skyA faint lullabyBack to hereMusic, travel, artFeelings so nearMy heartBasking in lightRadiate in the dark of nightDreams of crystal springsMagic in the … Continue reading Drops of Mercury