About Me

My name is Fatima Punja Maknojia and I am a psychology graduate and registered nurse with a passion for inspiring others to follow their dreams and live a life of abundance and joy. I am a twenty-something year old, Pakistani-American, wife, daughter, sister, friend, blogger and free-spirited hippie at heart. I am a human being. spiritualist. unique. independent. eccentric. optimistic. charismatic. positive. funny. witty. sarcastic. creative. writer. musician. traveler. dancer. yogi. holistic health promoter. altruistic. friendly. compassionate. open-minded. intelligent. ambitious. past forgiver. future dreamer. balanced. organized. down-to-earth. outgoing. blessed. aspiring world saver. iphone addict. advice guru. one with nature, rainbows, and the ocean. summertime adventurer. moonlight butterfly. a little crazy but full of faith in God and trust in the universe. light and freedom enthusiast. lover of love, laughter, playing, struggle, the simple things & living fully in each moment.

My Story:

Growing up in Dallas, Texas, I had a relatively carefree life with my parents and younger sister. Upon the passing away of my father when I was 12 years old, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with my mom and sister to start a new chapter. Recently, I got married and left behind everything I’ve ever known to start a new journey with my husband in Houston, Texas…and just when I thought life couldn’t get any crazier, my baby sister passed away in the fall of 2017.

I learned about the value of life at a young age, and how to be positive when that’s the only choice you have. During my time in Atlanta, I went through a journey of self-discovery and found the faith I had been searching for for so long. And now, as a new wife and nurse juggling everything life can possibly throw my way, I am slowly learning the true meaning of love and how to live my best life. I aspire to inspire you by sharing my journey to ignite your inner spark daily!