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Music Therapy

Doctors, medications, advanced health science and technology- all necessities in the western world to attain optimal health and regain normal functioning. I fully support and condone these as a registered nurse working in the hospital setting, seeing patients heal and return to their normal lives every day with thanks to modern medicine. But there is something beyond this, a greater level of overall wellness, that which comes from lowering stress levels in the body and attaining inner peace:

This is both the magic and the science of spiritual healing…through music.

Although I would strongly discourage using this form of therapy to treat an ailment without also seeking the advice of a medical doctor, music is an excellent form of complementary therapy which can provide great benefits to your healing process. Having studied both psychology and music prior to becoming a nurse, I have witnessed and fully believe in the healing power of sound. Sometimes, it’s the lyrics that understand us when no one else seems to; other times, it may be a song from the past that reminds us of a dream or distant memory, that connects us to our deepest emotions. But today, I am going to share the secret behind these healing sounds- Solfeggio frequencies.Originally derived from numerology, holistic healing through the use of specific tones to target areas of distress has been practiced for centuries and helped countless people of all backgrounds. Many believe that by creating positive energy shifts and lowering stress levels in the body, music can be used to promote actual changes at the cellular level and return one’s mind, body and spirit to its highest potential, restoring overall health and well-being.

There are so many frequencies out there which have various uses and are better studied by professional music therapists, but below are just a few of my favorites which I have personally experienced the benefits of and would like to share with you today.

As I have mentioned earlier, these frequencies are NOT a replacement for or alternative therapy to traditional medical practices and should not be isolated as a singular cure-all therapy. Like most things in life worth having, a positive mindset, healthy relationships and spiritual happiness require deep reflection, hard work, and patience over time.

However, music can serve as a beautiful addition to any health regime without any of the side effects! Music for any of these frequencies can be easily searched online and I hope will be of some benefit to whoever may need a little lift during down times.



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