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Global Is Local

The Aga Khan Health Board will be hosting its annual Ismaili Health Professionals Association (IHPA) networking event on Saturday, April 162016 at 8 PM. This formal event will be held at OPAL event hall in Norcross, Georgia, where fine mediterranean cuisine will be served. The event will be open to all prospective and current healthcare professionals and students over the age of 12 within the Ismaili community. The registration fee is $25 for students and $30 for professionals. Online registration is available at as well as through Access on Fridays and Saturdays after Jamati ceremonies.

This year’s theme is “Global is Local” and will take place in a panel discussion format. Panelists include National Chairman of Aga Khan Health Board, Dr. Mirza Kajani, and National Honorary Secretary of IHPA, Ms. Kiran Mitha. This event will focus on various objectives such as creating awareness of the vision and goals of IHPA, discussing opportunities for personal growth and exploring future opportunities for member involvement in a variety of projects and services. In light of this year’s theme, there will be an emphasis on individual roles to reach out to the global community and the involvement of current health care professionals in services on a national and international level. The event also aims to promote a sense of community and opportunity for networking between all healthcare professionals and students, and allow a sense of support and mentorship amongst those interested in the healthcare field. All interested Jamati members are encouraged to register and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

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