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Life Process

Today I actively realized something I already knew, and that is that life is a continually ongoing process which must be given time, effort, energy, and resources to sustain and move forward. As I’ve mentioned before, many of us believe that happiness is a destination and forget that it is, rather, a journey. For example, a lot of times I feel like I’m working towards my goals so intently that I forget to find peace in the process. In fact, I even wrote a separate post on this very issue not too long ago.

But today I see the opposite end of the spectrum to be true as well; sometimes, I feel like I’ve reached my destination for the time being, and I forget that I must continually work to remain where I am and to move forward towards greater goals. The perfect example of this is my life just a few months ago, when everything was exactly in place, just as it should be. Only then, I got lazy because I was too content, and I was quite startled to find it all beginning to spiral downward without my consent.

In nearly every aspect of life, there is always room for progress, and if adequate effort is not given to maintain and move forward from a current state, then the process will inevitably begin to reverse until you lose what you once had. It is true that life is a journey during which peace and happiness must be found and kept along the way, in each moment. But it is also true that it is impossible to remain in the same state for too long, because time will keep going & life will keep moving no matter what–the great thing is that it is up to each individual to decide in which direction to take it.

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