Dance: Language Of The Soul

Anyone who knows me knows the interest and passion that I have for anything related to music. Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a child, I was in choir because I loved to sing. When I got older, I had to choose between choir and learning to play an instrument in band, so I was an active member of my high school band. In college, I felt like something was missing alongside my psychology major, so I became a DJ at the radio station as well as a music minor and learned everything from music history to theory to performance specializing in piano.

Now that I am done with high school and college, and I no longer have a job or any extra curricular activities to make time for nursing school, I have decided it is time to pursue the one area of music that I have yet to fully explore, and that is dance. Singing and playing music and learning about the technicalities of music are all beautiful, but I feel that dance is a different form of expression that involves your mind, body, and spirit. Dance has the ability to make one feel free, and truly feel the music with the entire being, and when I am dancing I forget everything else.

So, yes I am excited for nursing school so that I can attain my lifelong dream of  becoming a nurse and making a difference. I am excited for my new job. And yes, I am excited for all the new people I will meet and the relationships I will build over the next couple of years. But, I am also looking forward to adding my passion into my life by enrolling in a year of weekly dance classes for beginning adults at the dance studio that so conveniently happens to be right next to my school! This only adds to my excitement for the future, and the opportunity to focus on health, music, people–the things that truly matter to me.

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