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BigBadWorld: Venting & Realizations

So many bad things happen in life to others. Some cannot be helped, or are self-imposed, like sickness, mental health problems, poverty related issues, and oftentimes death. These are inevitable. But the other problems, that are caused by men to their fellow human beings, those are preventable and yet still so inevitable. Things like war, injustice, discrimination, and hate crimes. Even less pressed yet modern and everyday issues like bullying, judgments, drama and gossip, or any selfish action that is anything less than neutral towards, if not in favor of, another person. It is overwhelmingly heartbreaking and absolutely soul wrenching to see that so much of the love has disappeared from so much of mankind. Whatever happened to the values of understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, kindness, compassion? God created all man from clot, and so we are all one. There is something to love in each and every human being, and if the love is lost, then there is nothing worth anything to be found. Sometimes I feel like all I have is faith, but even when it is strong enough, it is no substitution for love. Faith can, however, spark at least a ray of hope that can provide the strength to work through this negativity, and for that I could not be more grateful. I may not be able to save the world, but I can take a step towards it; I can love others in a way that will inspire people to have faith and spark a hope in them that will hopefully result in a more optimistic outlook and positive results in life, because to touch even one other soul is to have done the work of God in this life. After all, it is the exact same world that gave me faith:)

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